Stainless Steel Tanks

Experts in the Manufacture of Storage Tanks

At Talleres Esteban Tolosa we have a production line of stainless steel tanks of varying qualities and designs, depending on the field they are required for, using the most efficient and innovative welding processes.

Stainless Steel tanks can be built using any quality or finish and provided with all the accessories necessary in its application.

We construct all kind of Stainless Steel Tanks

Thanks to our specialization in the manufacturing of the stainless steel tanks, we can offer any type of tanks of process or storage for any type of product. Our installations give the opportunities of manufacturing tanks up to 18 meters height and 10 tons of weight, in this way; we are able to offer all the possibilities that our customers need.

We work according to the specifications that a design code in particular determines (UNE-EN 14015, API 650, Codap, AD-Merkblatter…), and thanks to its wide range of possibilities, it can manufacturer and it certify according to mentioned specifications in collaboration with notified organisms.

EtD S.l, offers to all its customers a wide range of stainless steel of process or storage for food or chemical industry. (Agitators, insulations, storage, reactors, tanks under pressure, silos “in situ” non-transportable, fermenter, horizontal…).

We work with the best brands on the market as for materials and accessories, by providing certifications of quality when required. Once acquired the raw material, EtD S.l develops its work by installing materials and accessories necessary.

EtD S.l performs his careful welding by TIG welding in the automats of welding for very precise speeds and intensities; both horizontally and vertically provision, granting, this way, a procedure of welding according to the most demanding needs of our customers. We use the most advanced procedures on the market to obtain aesthetically and dynamically the welding necessary and adequate to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

As for cleaning, EtD S.l, performs mechanical or chemical cleaning of welds in conformity with the quality which our customers ask us, also being able, in all the cases, to carry out a polishing of welding to obtain a particular roughness.

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