Stainless Steel Professionals

Stainless Steel Professionals

Talleres EtD S.l., thanks to its specialisation in transforming stainless steel, offers a multitude of products within industrial boilers, which can include receiving hoppers, industrial extractor hoods and racks, and stainless steel support structures.

High Quality Stainless Boilers

It is important to highlight the technical and technological capacity of Talleres Esteban Tolosa in terms of automated welds, shears, rollers and bending machines. This capability allows us to undertake extremely difficult work, for which our first tier staff and technical teams are essential.

We offer the best value, which guides our work results to provide the utmost satisfaction to our customers.

Our know-how and our extensive experience enables us to offer quality and speed in project development in line with the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Engineering Department

Talleres EtD S.l., equipped with an engineering department, offers its clients multiple solutions for the design and strength calculation of materials for the correct dimensioning of all components at the time of production of a particular product for a boiler.

We have the latest generation computer programs to calculate sheet developments that we later complete, making multiple reductions that need to be addressed (concentric reducers, eccentric reducers, square-round reducers, etc.).

Sectors where we provide solutions

We often work in the following sectors:

  • Food Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Construction of street furniture

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