Process Automation

Design, Quality and Innovation in fluid conduction and dispensation

Talleres EtD S.l., after listening to the needs of our customers, studied the various options for implementation of an automatic system for storing, weighing, agitation, conduction and dispensation of fluids.

We have an expert team to improve industrial production processing, developing custom projects with simultaneous engineering.

Comprehensive Projects and Customised Solutions for your Company

Thanks to our team, along with our engineering department, we are able to develop automations of all plant components for the coordination of all of their mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and electronic elements.

We have an expert team consistently improving upon industrial production processes, along with process automation through the installation of programmable automatons to systematically and safely carry out the different phases of food processing.

We develop customised projects with simultaneous engineering.

At Talleres Esteban Tolosa, we are aware that no one knows your industrial production processes more than you do, we make your goals our goals.

Our experience allows us to develop comprehensive projects for process automation for liquid conduction.
Our facilities for conduction, weighing systems and liquid dispensation encompass the different mechanical, electrical and electronic components necessary for work to be conducted autonomously.

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