Agitators Deposits and Skids


EtD Inox Industries Company is specialized in fluid agitation. Designs and manufactures a wide range of stainless steel tanks, deposits and reactors for mixing, dissolving or homogenizing liquid products.

At the process level, the agitation is of paramount importance when developing and granting the specific properties necessary for the realization of an end product.

We use the most advanced simulation programs for the design of all types of propellers, speeds and powers, to perform homogenizations, thermal interchanges, mixtures, dissolutions, solids in suspension…, providing the customer in any case necessary the technical support once we have information of the agitation process (times, diagrams, flows…).

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Simulation of the Agitation Process

Simulation done by our partner in agitation VAK KIMSA, S.A. with ANSYS finite element software. Product: liquid detergents with a viscosity of 1500 cPs and a density of 1200 kgs / m3

Tank Volume: 3000 L.


Examples of Installations Built with Industrial Agitation Systems


Skid manufacturers

EtD Inox Industries, develops and manufactures autonomous and integrated equipments for the manufacture of all types of liquid products.

Our SKID contains jointly, all the mechanical elements, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and electronic to offer to our customers fully programmable, precise and automatic equipments.

Its great strength lies in the convenience. The SKID is completely developed and calibrated at our factory for its final installation and its connection with the necessary elements (electricity, water, compressed air…) and for its subsequent functioning.

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Work Undertaken

Below we show you some of our installations using Skids.

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