Stainless steel tank construction and process automation
Leaders in Boilers and Fluid Conduction and Dispensing


We provide convenience and reassurance to our customers, solving all stages or phases needed for liquid product processing.

Design and Aesthetics

We take care of all design aspects for flawless operation and presentation.

After-Sales Service

We support our installations with the services and warranties of the best companies worldwide for instrumentation.

Stainless Steel Tank Construction

Specialists in the design and manufacture of tanks and silos

At Talleres Esteban Tolosa, we carry out linked production for stainless steel tanks in various grades and designs – according to the field of application – through the most effective and innovative welding processes.


Conduction and dispensation of liquids


We install stainless steel piping for fluid conduction using different TIG welding techniques, which are protected in an inert atmosphere.

Our engineering department develops the design and implementation of the different elements necessary for the proper conduction of any fluid.

Process Automation


After listening to the needs of our customers, we studied our different options for the implementation of an automatic system for storing, weighing, agitation, conduction and dispensation of fluids.
We have an expert team specialising in improving industrial production processes and we create customised projects with simultaneous engineering.

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Other Services

With extensive experience and skilled workers, we manufacture tanks (in situ, insulated…) with the best value and project development speed.


A leader in the design of machinery for the food industry, manufacturer of all types of stainless steel equipment and a provider of the best technological solutions.


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